Matter Experience


Frank Rorie represented MBA Box in a consumer class action dispute and was published favorably on appeal at 136 Cal. App. 4th 621 (2006).

DHL Worldwide Express

Frank Rorie was the architect of winning argument resulting in reversal of $20 million civil jury award under New York respondeat superior law.

Indymac Bank

Frank Rorie supported in house counsel in personnel and administrative matters, coordinated vendor dispute and referral fee litigations, and managed foreclosure litigation for Indymac Bank.

Countrywide Bank

Frank Rorie defended overtime, wage and hour, and Labor Code violation claims for Countrywide Bank and managed claim processing and administration for multi-million dollar class action settlements.

City of Los Angeles

Frank Rorie managed a complex telephone user tax matter for the City of Los Angeles and was published on appeal at 174 Cal. App. 4th 369 (2009).

Disney and MGM Studios

Frank Rorie prosecuted copyright and trademark infringement cases for The Walt Disney Company and MGM Studios. He helped shut down illegal websites, coordinated warehouse raids, seized counterfeit goods, and obtained favorable monetary settlements for his clients.


Frank Rorie advised Equifax Inc. in numerous antitrust and anticompetitive litigation matters. He second-chaired a four-week civil jury trial for Equifax in California Superior Court (Orange County Civil Complex), where he helped obtain a unanimous defense verdict for Equifax.

DIRECTV and DISH Network

Frank Rorie oversaw dozens of tax-litigation cases for DIRECTV and DISH Network. He filed tax protests and complaints, argued motion practice, and resolved complex property and transactional tax disputes affecting the satellite-television industry.

Commerce Insurance

Frank Rorie second-chaired a large trade secrets trial for Commerce Insurance, now owned by MAPFRE USA, in California Superior Court (Alameda County). The three-week jury trial resulted in a favorable nonsuit judgment and a $1.67 million fee award for his client under California's Uniform Trade Secrets Act.

MGA Entertainment

Frank Rorie was a senior member of the trial team that obtained a $137 million jury verdict and fee award for MGA Entertainment in the landmark Bratz v. Barbie case. He was responsible for trial logistics, evidence presentation, and witness preparation during the 2011 trial. He also managed trade secret discovery and motion practice for the case.