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“Frank Rorie is an outstanding attorney. He has helped our business successfully navigate several employment and business matters and is extremely easy to work with. I would highly recommend his services.”

Michael Broughton, Founder, Altro

Founder & CEO @ Altro

“Mr. Rorie provided invaluable advice to our medical practice and helped us effectively deal with some very complex and sensitive issues. His strategic thinking and skill were complemented by his very approachable demeanor and extreme responsiveness. He is a real pleasure to work with!”

Dr. Dana Tannenbaum, MD

Managing Partner @ A Center For VisionCare

“Mr. Rorie provided our company with just the right advice and helped guide us through a very crucial part of our business. We were under a tight deadline and he made sure we met our goals. He even took the time on his vacation to make sure we were on target. Finding a lawyer who puts your business as a priority that was cost effective as well as sound advice, was simply priceless.”

Gemma Cunningham

CEO of Truth MD